What is it?

A solution that includes the secure and sustainable repurposing of end-of-use devices and provides any residual value back to you

  • HP Device Recovery Partner will pick up and pack your devices from a designated central location. You can also ship your devices to HP’s partner
  • All storage media data will be erased or destroyed per industry standards either offsite or optionally onsite
  • Fair market value of devices will be provided in the form of cash back1
  • A Certificate of Data Sanitization and a Sustainability Benefit Report will be provided

Secure your data

Protect your business and personal data with secure end-of-use services that include data erasure, logistics, and reporting

Embrace sustainability

Give back your devices to HP and help support the circular economy, and we will refurbish your devices for reuse2

Recover value

Take advantage of recovering some costs and make a device refresh more affordable by receiving money for your returned devices1

Get a quote

Start on the path to new devices when we give you a fair market value quote1 on your returned HP and non-HP devices based on hardware features, condition, and location. If there’s no residual value, we will responsibly recycle the device.

Get Started

Describe your devices Complete all menus and fields accurately and select "Generate quote" to get your quote
If you have other product category, please contact your HP Channel Partner or Account Manager:

1. Fair market value will be assessed based on age and condition of the device. Quote is subject to physical product evaluation upon receipt by HP. Not all devices may have any residual value. If not, they will be responsibly recycled.

2. Devices will be responsibly recycled if they cannot be refurbished for reuse.